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All the galleries are in folders (below), however, you might find what you are looking for in a gallery shown directly below the folders.   These, are, however, just a selection of the galleries available. 

Don't forget to look at the checklists and let me know if you think something additional should be included.

Travel Checklist:  Before the trip

1 - Have enough batteries (at least six)

2 - Pack your battery charger (consider voltage at distant location)

3 - Pack your camera bag early (don't leave it till the last minute), but check it again before leaving.   Do you have as few lenses as possible? How much time will you have to fiddle with changing them?

4 - Who kind of trip is it, and how much control do you have over your time?  So, will you need to bring your tripod?

5 - Make sure you clear your camera settings, i.e. not set up for HDR. Get it ready for common shooting (aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. are all set to your start out preferences) before you put it in your bag

6 - Have a means to back up your photos

7 - Ensure you have enough memory cards to cover the WHOLE trip.     

8 - Research and study the locations at which you'll be shooting.    What pictures have others taken, and where?

9 - If you control your time, target the ephemeris data to see when and where the sun will rise and set.   Consider planning to be at the location to take the best advantage of the light.   Need a tripod?

10 - Consider the final output.   If you are going to build a photo book, take a number of close-ups,  a number of pictures in categories (i.e you are in a Chinese market - take pictures of the vegetables - each vegetable.)   Make your photo book a visual treat for the viewers eyes.  

11 - If you have time, refine your skills for HDR photography, and techniques for panos.

12 - Consider your lenses.  Prime or telephoto?  How much time do you control at location (to change them out)   If shooting wildlife, you'll be very disappointed not having a telephoto.    There's lot's of opinions on what are the best to have.

Visiting the Buddha at Home The Colors of Creation

Travel Checklist:   During the trip

1 - Consider the weather

2 - If you control the time, get out of bed and get to your location before the sun does with enough time to set up.  Capture the golden hours; and stay up later in the evening after the sun to get some good night time shots.   Don't forget your tripod.

3 - Don't forget your charged batteries AND your memory cards!!!!!

4 - Shoot in Raw

5 - Pack lightly, but don't forget what lenses you'll need for the day.   If you are shooting wildlife and you don't have a telephoto lens, you'll regret it.  

6 - Set you camera to continuous shooting; you'll never know if you have a moving/changing target.  

7 - Shoot up close, get the details

8 -  Shoot that "Taj Mahal" in ways others have not - reflections, differing angles, close ups.  But, get the traditional views as well - you'll regret it as will those that view your pictures.

9 - Look for HDR opportunities.   Best with tripod, but NOT always needed.   Steady your hand as you might not have time to set up your tripod. 

10 - Look for panoramic opportunities.  

11 - Capture the story.

12 - Though you'll want the best pictures and it's worth taking the time for the best, but consider the time spent looking at them in the back of your camera instead of taking pictures.  It might be worth viewing them later. 

12 - Back up your photos

13 - Recharge your batteries

14 - Reset the settings on your camera

If you think I've missed something on the checklists, or you just want to comment on the site, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page!!  Or  Email:  Kevan at

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